Use your own domain for short URLs.

You can use this website as your own URL shortener with your own domain. This is just as easy as setting up an A Record for a domain. Wait... That's exactly what you have to do. Simply configure your custom domain to point to this IP: After this very very hard setup you are ready to shorten your own domains by visiting your domain with your browser. Happy shortening!

Custom themes

Creating a custom theme is a bit more complicated. You have to setup a subdomain called "". Even if you use a subdomain like "" as shortener the config subdomain is "". On this domain Mlink will search for a file called "theme.css", which will be loaded if it exists and is not empty. There you can overwrite the default CSS. You can have a look at terra.css for an example of a theme, where just the colors are modified, which is enough for most themes. If you overwrite other styles they may become incompatible with future updates. Happy customizing!